Need to recertify? 

Frequently Asked Questions  - RE: Recertification

Q.  Why do I need to take a class in 2010 if I already own a 2010 badge?
A.  If you take a recert class in the summer you are certifying yourself to referee in the following year.  So for example if you take a class in July 2010 you are recertifying yourself for Spring and Fall seasons in 2011.   However, If you wait until January 2011 to take a class you are still recertifying yourself for 2011.

Q.  So why does the State bother putting on classes in the summer?
A.  FIFA updates it's laws of the game in June each year.  Refs need to be aware of these changes so classes are scheduled in the summer.  To be up to date with the changes it is better that you plan on recertifying every summer.

Q.  I  took the introductory class in January 2010, why do I need to re-certify myself 6 months later?
A.   See above.  You have the option to wait until the winter break and take a recert class then, but either way you must take a class before the start of Spring season 2011.

Q.  I forgot to take a class in summer or winter and the soccer season has started, can I still referee?
A.  If you miss taking a regularly scheduled recert class you should hope that the State referee association holds a "last chance" class at the State offices in Atlanta, usually scheduled during the first week of the season.  Otherwise you are most likely out of luck.  For those with a valid excuse the State does consider certifying refs on a case by case basis.

Q.  I am a grade 9 referee and am considering upgrading to become a grade 8 by taking the bridge class.  Do I also need to recertify?
A.  If you take a bridge class to upgrade from grade 9 to grade 8, you will be recertified at the same time.  So, for example, if you take the bridge class in August 2010 your certification will be good through the end of 2011.   The bridge class will both upgrade you and recertify you.

Q.  Will the recert class cover the laws of the game again?  Do I need to pass a test?
A.  Yes there is a test which you will need to pass, and no, the recert class does not cover the basics.  It is a good idea to review the laws of the game before taking the recert class.  The class covers new changes to the existing laws, looks at one particular aspect of refereeing in detail and usually provides some time for questions and answers.

Q.  What's the longest I can wait before recertifying?
A.  18 months.  Perhaps you took the introductory course or a recertification class in summer 2009.  You received a 2010 badge and refereed in Fall 2009 and Spring and Fall 2010.   Before you can ref in Spring 2011 you will need to take a recert class, which at the latest would be in January or February 2011.

Q.  Can I take a recertification class in Griffin during the winter break?
A.  No, you will need to take a class held elsewhere, as I only schedule a class in Griffin once a year.  Check gareferees for the schedule of classes.

Q.  Will there be a bridge class in Griffin?
A.  Most likely not.  The bridge classes are scheduled centrally by the State, and I have no control over where or when they are held.  Check gareferees for a list of classes.