Official Printed Rosters and Player Passes Required for all U-12 Games and Up

This season and beyond, referees are being instructed that only players with a player pass AND their name printed on the game roster (NOT handwritten) may participate in the match.  Player passes must have photos and signatures, and should be laminated.  

No exceptions.

Both sets of game rosters (2 copies from each team) should match, the only exception being if a player appearing on the team roster of team A does not appear on team B's  roster of the "opposing team".   This might occur if team B printed their game roster on Thursday and team A added a player on Friday.  In this case the player's name from team A may be a handwritten addition to the "opposing team" roster of team B.  All team rosters must include team jersey numbers.  If there is no game roster the referees are instructed not to play the match.

For Academy games the situation is different.  Again, players must have a valid player pass to play - no player pass, no play.   However, for ACADEMY,  there is no requirement that players must appear as printed names on game rosters.  In Academy games players often play some part of several games.  They may therefore participate if EITHER their name appears on a individual game roster, which MAY be handwritten, OR their name appears on a master roster of all players participating at that venue that day. 

 The issue of unregistered players participating  is seen as a liability issue for the assignor, referees, club officials and coaches.   It is a small risk, but the potential penalty - a multi million dollar law suit - is very high.  Thanks for understanding. . . . .

Griffin Soccer Club Administration