To:  New referees

From:  Ian Flitcroft, Griffin YSA assignor

Re:  Using gameofficials 

If you wish to referee games at Griffin Tyus Park you must join and use a web-based assigning system called Gameofficials.  Below you will find details telling you how to create an account in the GameOfficials system and how to use the system.  I suggest you print these directions for future reference. 

      Log on to  In the bottom left corner you will see a button “New Official?”  Click on this and then read the information on the sign up page. If you are a new user, continue on by using the following codes:

Group/Assignor number:  33

Access Code: griffinsoccer 

  Next you will be asked to create a username and password along with a contact email address.  The system then sends an email to the email address you gave, which reads:


 Automated Email from: (
 Username: dduck

Donald Duck,

Welcome to!

Your new account was created successfully.  The username listed below is now active.

USERNAME:  dduck

Note: The password is NOT case-sensitive. If you have trouble logging in, please contact your assignor or association for further assistance.

Please log in and complete the following steps as soon as possible:

1) Complete 'My Info' with your contact information
2) Complete 'My Availability' as directed by your assignor
3) Complete 'My Preferences' as directed by your assignor

If this account was not created by you or you feel that this may be a possible security threat, please contact your assignor as soon as possible



Choose something simple, such as your name, for the username and a password you will not forget between seasons. If you need to update your personal info, do so by clicking on “my info”.  If you forget your password or username you’ll need to contact me, the assignor.  DO NOT simply create a second account as this will result in duplicate accounts in the system which creates confusion.

The first time you log into gameofficials the system will prompt you to enter your personal information.  Please include a cell phone number and home number so I can reach you, as games are often changed or cancelled at short notice.  There is no need to enter your SS number.   If you are a youth referee it might be worth adding your parent’s email address as one of the additional email addresses.   Toward the bottom of this page you will also see, if you click on Mobile Notification Information, that it is possible to receive game assignments through your cell phone.  

Once you are in the system assigning games works like this. 

  1. Referees log on to and see on which days games are being played.  To do this click on “my availability” and look to see which dates on the calendar have blue rectangles around them.
  2. Referees check their schedules and make themselves available to referee on game days.  This is done using the availability tool on the “my availability page”.  There is a help tool on this page – click on “Need Instructions?” On the right side of the availability page.   It is important that you make yourself available only when you can really ref.   If you are a player do not make yourself available “all day” if your team is playing that day.
  3. The assignor (that’s me!)  assigns referees to games from the list of referees who’ve indicated they are available.  I will usually begin doing this on Monday evening
  4. IMPORTANT!!!! The default is that you are not available! Unless you make yourself available to referee on a particular day, I won’t “see” you on and won’t be able to assign you games on that day.
  5. Once I have assigned referees to a game, the system sends those referees an email/cell phone text message telling them they have a game(s).
  6. The referees must respond by accepting or declining the game.  You can do this by going to the website and accepting the game or simply by replying to the email.  To accept by email, reply to the email, and type the word “accept” (without the quotes) on the top line of the body of the email.  Hit the enter button, and send the email.  Presently I have the system set up so that if you decline an assignment you must enter a reason on the website.  So make sure you are really able to ref at the times you made yourself available.  Please make the effort to accept or decline your games as early as possible.

       If you do not have easy access to an email account and the internet then ask a parent about using their email account.  If you have questions, or problems getting yourself into the system, please give me a call at 770 467 9619 or by cell phone: 404 394 4435.

Best regards,

Ian Flitcroft

Griffin Referee Assignor