Information for New Referees

If you are thinking about becoming a referee you will need to do the following things. Take the introductory referee class. These are held at various locations around the State each summer and winter. To sign up for a class, point your web browser here:

Once you have successfully taken an R9 class (adults or returning refs may consider taking the R8 class) you should contact me, so I know you are wanting to referee in Griffin. My contact info is listed on the referee page of the website.

Before you can referee you will need to purchase a uniform and referee equipment. Start with a short sleeve GOLD referee shirt, black shorts, black socks with three white stripes (all of the above is usually available as a "starter uniform") and predominately black shoes (can be soccer cleats or any athletic shoe, but they should be mostly black). In addition you will need a starter set of equipment - flag set, whistle, caution cards, score card (these items are often sold as a set) pen, coin, and a watch with timer function.

The above items are available locally from T+G Sports in Fayetteville and also online from many places. I have found fold-a-goal to offer the best prices online.

You will also need to sign up for an online assigning system called gameofficials, which I use to assign referees to games. The website address is Instructions as to how to create and use a gameofficials account are here

I suggest you print out a copy of the instructions for reference purposes. If you have any other questions let me know.

Ian Flitcroft

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Work (770) 228 7322

Cell (404) 394 4435