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Atlanta Peach Classic
U10 Boys Gold Division Champions
Spring 2012

U10 Boys Champs



Regular season games begin Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring 2013 Griffin Excel Teams & Fall 2012 Schedules
Classic = Boys, Athena = Girls
Age                                 Team                                Coach

U-19 Classic

Griffin Excel 94 Blue - CL III

James Marcoux 

U-17 Classic Griffin Excel 95 Blue - CL IV James Marcoux 

U-16 Classic

Griffin Excel 96 Blue - CL IV 

James Marcoux 

U-17 Athena

Griffin Excel - 96 White - ATH C 

Brett McIver 

U-15 Classic

Griffin Excel 97 Blue - CL IV RED 

Chris Garland

U-16 Athena

Griffin Excel 97 White - ATH B

Joshua Miller 

U-15 Athena

Griffin Excel 98 White - ATH C 

Duff England 

U-14 Classic

Griffin Excel 98 Blue- CL V Blue

Anton Haven

U-14 Athena

Griffin Excel 99 White - ATH D

Brett McIver 




U-12 Girls

Griffin-Excel 99 White 

Barron Cumming 

U-12 Boys

Griffin Excel -99 Blue 

Brian Willis

U-11 Girls

Griffin Excel-2000 White 

Adam Greene

U-11 Boys

Griffin Excel-2000 Blue 

Adam Greene

U-9/10 Girls

Griffin Excel 2001 White 

Brett McIver

U-10 Boys

Griffin Excel - 2001 Blue 

Adam Greene

  Pre-Academy Kevin Garland