Griffin Youth Soccer Association Under Six (u6 +u5) Soccer Rules

The Field
The field markings do not include a goal area as goalkeepers are not used.

The Ball
Size 3 ball.

Number of players
Each team will field three players. Substitutions will be allowed at any stoppage in play. All players should play a minimum of half of each game, if numbers allow.

Players Equipment
Players must wear shinguards covered with socks. Footwear may be soccer shoes or sneaker type shoes.

The Referee / Coach
The coach of each team will jointly referee the game and administer restarts using 'continuous play' methods (see below for Continuous Play Restarts).

Assistant referees (linesmen)
There will be no linesmen/AR's.

Duration of the game
The game shall be divided into four eight minute periods. If both coaches agree the game may alternatively be divided into two 15 minute periods.

The Start of Play / After Goal Score Kickoffs
Each team begins in their own half of the field. Opponents must be outside of the center circle during kickoff.  Kick off / direction of play will be awarded by coin toss or coaches agreement.  Kickoffs will also be used after a goal is scored, to emphasize the importance of scoring.  The start of the quarters or halves, and after goal scoring, are the only times players will stop and set up for a kickoff restart.

There will be no offside.

Fouls and Misconduct
There will be no cautions or ejections. All fouls will be briefly explained to the offending player by a coach.

Free Kicks
All fouls will result in an indirect free kick. Opponents will be three yards from the ball. A goal cannot be scored directly from an indirect free kick. All kicks must be at least three yards from the opponents goal.  This is the third and final time that players will stop for a set-play restart.

Penalty Kicks
There will be no penalty kicks.

Continuous Play Restarts for Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, and Corner Kicks:
All 'out of bounds' restarts will be executed by one of the two coaches on the field by rolling an extra ball to a player who has not been directly involved in recent play.  Play will continue normally once the ball is touched by the player, while the other coach or volunteer retrieves the first ball.  Please refer to the KINS letter for further clarification.