Griffin Youth Soccer Association Under Ten (u10) Soccer Rules

The Field
The field markings conform to FIFA, reduced in size for u10 six-a-side play.

The Ball
Size 4 ball.

Number of players
Each team will field a maximum of six players (five field players and a goalkeeper). A minimum number of five players is required to start a match. Each team must field a goalkeeper.

Substitutions will be “on the quarter” unless “free substitutions” are jointly agreed by the referee and coaches. Each goalkeeper must play at least as much time in the field as in goal.

On the Quarter
There will be four times to substitute: in the middle of each half of play, at half time and for an injured player. In the middle of each half ALL players on the bench must be substituted. Substitution at half time is optional. If a player is injured the injured player may be substituted and at this time one player from the opposing team may also be substituted.

Free Substitutions
Players may be substituted after the following: a throw-in awarded in your favor, or after a goal kick, a goal, a caution, or an injury stoppage by either team. Players may also be substituted at half time. If free substitutions are used then ALL PLAYERS MUST PLAY AT LEAST HALF OF EVERY GAME.

Players Equipment
Players must wear shinguards covered with socks. Footwear may be soccer shoes or sneaker type shoes. Players may not wear any jewelry, watches, casts etc., that may harm other players.

The Referee
A certified referee will be appointed in charge of the match.

Assistant referees (Linesmen)

Duration of the game
The game shall be divided into two twenty five minute halves with a break at half time. Extra time will be added at the referee’s discretion.
The following all conform to FIFA rules:
The Start of Play
Fouls and Misconduct
Free Kicks
Penalty Kicks
Throw in
Goal kick
Corner Kick

See and for commentary on the rules.